Trudy - Therapist


I began seeing Ryan Casey about 5 years ago, because I was having pain in my shoulder. Subsequently, Ryan has also helped me with neck and lower back pain as well. The course of treatment has varied dependent on how acute and intense the pain , from weekly, by weekly, monthly to as needed.  Unlike practitioners that I have seen in the past, Ryan is very collaborative, and includes me in decisions regarding frequency. He also is patient , responsive , and nurturing in his manner. While I still don't totally understand how MAT works, I know at times , it has totally eliminated my pain .

Christian -  Engineer


I came to see Ryan because of a chronic back issue that I've been living with for over twenty years. After seeing Ryan once, I noticed a shift of energy through out my body and immediate results within a certain muscle group, after doing his suggested exercises. I've seen him a total of three or four times and feel my body shifting towards improvement. I will continue seeing Ryan for goal improvement and preventive maintenance. I'm fascinated as to what Ryan sees when I visit him and I'm amazed at how simple my exercises where and how much of a difference it made with my quality of life. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who is tired of muscle issues and, or, improving on what ever physical goals you may have in the future.

Debbie - Teacher (Retired)


I first came to Ryan about 9 months ago because I had a calf muscle on my right leg which had atrophied.  From my first visit I experienced positive results in many parts of my body. First I was able to stand up straight.  I had been leaning forward and not able to stand up straight for quite a while. At my next visit I was able to put equal wait on both feet which I had not been able to do for 30 years due to a leg injury. At every visit for the next few weeks something new happened. I could walk with the proper gait; I could walk at a quick pace; and felt less pain in my lower back. Over time the calf muscle has begun to redevelop. In the first few months I visited Ryan every week because every week I saw improvement. Ryan gives you very specific exercises to do at home which helps the strengthening of your muscles. Today, I visit Ryan every 10 - 14 days. Muscle Activation Techniques has changed my life in very positive ways. For example; I used to think about how far I would have to walk. Was my parking space too far away? In the grocery store I would think how far away a certain item was. Now those things don’t cross my mind. I have recommended Ryan to my friends and family.

Dr. Megan Leahy (Podiatrist at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute Chicago)


Years of dealing with overuse injuries as a long distance runner sparked my interest in pursuing a career in podiatric medicine.  Part of my training was dedicated to reconstructive surgery for various foot and ankle problems.  Despite my passion for biomechanics and conservative options for patients, surgical procedures were the only answer for many conditions, according to my training.  That is, until I started working with Ryan Casey, a certified Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist .  Ryan and I spent a lot of time together in the training room as injured Division I collegiate athletes.  Ryan, a former collegiate wrestler, took his negative experiences with chronic injuries, and decided to seek out ways to heal himself and heal others.  As a highly trained athlete, Ryan is naturally quite in touch with kinesiology and the function of the human body. His experience with injuries has created a unique empathy for clients when that function fails.

Hampered with injuries and subpar performances during the end of my running career, I took quite some time off after college. Naively, I thought years of rest would fix my problems. Pregnancies certainly took a toll on my body as well. Upon returning to running quite recently, I realized that the body does not forget those old ghosts. Thankfully, I reconnected with Ryan and he introduced me to the world of Muscle Activation Techniques™.  Under Ryan’s guidance and treatments, I have never felt more aligned or stronger.  I no longer hit the weight room, squatting and bench-pressing in an effort to improve performance, yet, I feel more confidence in my body than ever before.  One of my spine surgeon colleagues, who is also a fan of MAT™, even complimented by posture!  This new found strength and balance is all thanks to Ryan’s skills and knowledge.

Not only does Ryan have a seemingly bottomless understanding of biomechanics, but he somehow keeps adding to his expertise. Ryan’s personal experiences with injuries certainly create a unique awareness and understanding, but I think his personality is his greatest gift of all. The serene environment he creates during treatments allows true healing, recovery, and balance.

Ryan has changed the way I think about musculoskeletal injuries and deformities. Although I practice in Chicago, I send patients his way and am constantly amazed at what he can accomplish with MAT™—and he never needs to use a scalpel!


Mike Powell (National Championship Coach)


After a lifetime as a wrestler and a coach, I was afflicted with a muscle wasting disease at 33. So my body is less than perfect. Wrestling is unusually hard on the body. And the disease in no joke. Managing discomfort and maintaining a place where I can function physically seems like a full time job. In comes Ryan Casey.


Ryan works on me regularly and the results have been tremendous. I often hobble into his office and leave feeling like a new man. I was first a skeptic. Now I long for our sessions. He has helped with my chronic lower back issues, neck problems, foot issues, shoulder pain, etc. MAT™ works, and it has been a godsend for me.


Ryan has also put countless hours in with my wrestlers. Our program has had some of the best high school teams and individuals in the country in recent years. He helps with maintenance, ensuring that our guys are firing on all cylinders. We also call him in when we are have a guy that is less than 100% before a major competition. Ryan has made a huge difference.


In 2015, as the state tournament approached, one of our best guys was hampered by a lower back injury. It was bad enough that he couldn't practice. In comes Ryan. He spent a few sessions with our guy. Not only did Ryan get him right and ready to compete, that young man was instrumental in helping us win the state championship.


Ryan Casey is the man. MAT™ Is the real deal.





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