About Ryan Casey

Ryan operates an exercise based wellbeing practice featuring Muscle Activation Techniques™, Personal Training and Coaching.  Combining the best features of his experience in athletics, coaching and corporate wellness Ryan customizes  personal plans designed for you to reach your full potential.


Aside from empowering thousands of people over the past 13 years to better health, Ryan holds a Masters of Science degree Health, Fitness Management as well as an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. As an expert in muscular function Ryan specializes in performance and recovery by breaking movement down to its smallest parts, finding the weakest link and rebuilding the body from there. He works with a wide spectrum of people from assisting seniors in becoming more active to preparing athletes from adolescents to All-Americans to compete in state, national and Olympic competitions.



Ryan is 1 of less than 800 people to hold the cutting edge Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist Certification and is the only one practicing in NW Indiana and South West Michigan.  In addition to this work, Ryan has conducted thousands of coaching sessions for Fortune 500 companies, and has given over a 150 lectures across Chicago, including multiple visits to the Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Departments.


In his spare time Ryan enjoys hiking in the dunes, cooking (without a recipe) and sharing inspirational stories, fun facts or local secret spots.


What is MAT™?

A revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular

system imbalances, joint instability and correction of muscular imbalances,

and limitations in range of motion within the human body.


A non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular

system of people of all ages.


A unique systematic format used to ‘jumpstart” the muscles in order

for them to function with maximum efficiency.



MAT™ does not force change on the body but instead works with it to make improvements, causing changes in motion via improvements in muscle contraction.  Each client is treated as an individual with their own muscular weaknesses and compensation patterns. Therefore, no treatment session is ever the same. MAT™ does not diagnose or treat pathology, but works to improve a muscle’s contractile capabilities and the resulting range of motion and strength of that muscle/limb. By improving these aspects, a person will see an increased ability for exercise and physical performance. MAT™ differentiates itself from other techniques because it never attempts to directly lengthen or change the muscle by  heating, kneading, or foam rolling. MAT™ is not trying to "relax" muscle, but instead tries to "activate" the muscle, so that your body is better prepared to handle the forces that come from exercise and every day movements.







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